The reported tragic death at midnight of a 4-month old child is now causing ripples at Emebiren Street, Okumagba Layout, Warri, Delta State.

The victim, Kenneth Ogbetuo was said to have had overdose of breast milk from his 25 Years Old mother, Mary Ogbetuo.

According to sources in the neighbourhood, the mother of the baby left her big breast in the mouth of the baby and slept overnight, only for the father of the baby to raise alarm at about 6am the following day that his child was stone dead.

The Father of the child Mr. Willy Ogbetuo said he had severally warned his wife not to leave breast in the mouth of the baby whenever she wants to sleep, stressing that each time he cautioned his wife, her response was always “go, you yeh yeh man” .

Eyewitness said as at the time Baba Fryo alerted neighbours of the unfortunate incident, the four months old child was already dead and breast milk mixed with blood gushed out of his two nostrils.



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