Ms. Paulina Oghenemere, an indigene of Kokori in Ethiope –East Local Government Area of Delta State, fasted and prayed on August 27, 2010 to cast away the demon tormenting her life. Yet, it was the devil in her green-eyed lover simply identified as Mr. Difference, that knocked on her door at 5 a.m. the next day, and since that ill-fated Thursday when he poured a substance, believed to be concentrated hydrochloric acid, on her face, Paulina’s life has never remained the same.

How The Story Went …

“After about six months of being together, i was alerted that he was seeing someone else. I trailed him and got the truth and I told him to leave me alone, but he refused. His other partner got wind of our relationship and started coming to abuse me at home. I insisted they leave me alone, but they refused.
They later beat me up and took my money (about N30,000). I reported to the case to the authorities; he was reprimanded but he still did not change his mind.”
But very early in the morning, August 28, at 5a.m, I heard a sharp knock on my door and the voice of a woman I knew and I was wondering why & how she came so early.

Immediately I opened the door, I was poured something (acid) on my head and face I shouted for help and fainted. I woke up two days later at UBTH to discover that he was the one who knocked on the door and poured me acid.” He fled after the incident.

I have gone through excruciating pains as I had to undergo three different surgeries. Flesh was cut off from my lap to patch my head and lip. My skull was operated because of the level of burns when the incident occurred.
He was later apprehended and remanded at the Okere Minimum Prison in Warri.

From what was seen of Paulina the young and beautiful lady who men found irresistible was a shadow of her former self after she was discharged from University of Benin Teaching Hospital, UBTH, Benin City, two months ago. She spent a year in the acid victims’ ward. When we visited her home, she fumbled about her sitting room, unable to see, but eager to welcome the team. What came to mind was man’s inhumanity to man.
Today, Paulina, a divorcee and mother of two, needs a lifeline of N10 million to restore her dignity.


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