Sometime in March Last Year, The Nigerian Entertainment Industry was enshrouded in the biggest mystery ever…The story began with the rumour that the Fall In Love Crooner was dating Nollywood superstar Genevieve Nnaji and gossip tabloids had fed on it like wild fire.
The alleged relationship had in a matter of weeks moved from rumour to reality when the Fall In Love VIDEO was released in May and both Love Birds were involved heavily in the VIDEO.

D’banj told Vanguard in a interview that “I think Genevieve is a stunner and I could date or love her. But we didn’t date. She’s my friend and a star you know. We’re close and we both understand that things couldn’t work out.”

He went on to shed more light on the controversial VIDEO saying “I really can’t remember, but that fall in love video cost between N4m to N5m. I‘m not too sure. But I think it’s a beautiful idea if not for the way everyone is trying to go about it.

We had options of whom to use in the VIDEO but at the end of the day, we saw that it’s an African song and by that time I had already played it in about fifty weddings.”

That song was recorded two years before the video was released and it remains my biggest song ever. I wanted to make a statement with it.”

He made more than a statement with the song.

After the release of it’s VIDEO in May, he was chased across the streets by reporters. His manager and the entire Mo’Hits crew also ran for cover.

His Parents were not spared too as reporters forced them to grant interviews stating they do not know of any such relationship between Genevieve and their son.

It was so much that at some point both Dbanj and Genevieve were rumoured to have left the country to avoid the rather embarrassing confrontations.



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