There was pandemonium at the Mile One market, Friday when some persons accused a Hausa man of turning a little girl into a goat.

Details of how it happened were not clear but the alleged incident caused tension in the market as everybody ran to the reported scene of where the thing allegedly occurred.

Police men from the Mile One Police station had to rush to the scene to whisk the Hausa man away before youths could mobilize to lynch him.

The Police also restricted movement to the Mile one Police Station where the Hausa man was taken to.

Some passersby around the market who spoke to us said they heard the alarm and ran to where people said it happened. “I could not even see through the crowd because people crowded the area. I heard a Hausa man turned a little girl here into a goat”, a trader said.

Meantime, some youths said they were already spoiling for war with the Hausa man before the Police came.
They can’t be killing us in the north and they still want to come turn us to goats for rituals here.

The Hausa man should thank his God for sparing him.

We would have roasted him alive if the Police had not come”, a youth said.



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