P.M. NEWS received a mail from one Orlando Imperio who stated he was from Australia..he alerted them of a fake P.M.NEWS front page sent to him with the aim of getting more money from him.

The Mail From Orlando:

Dear Sir,

My mane is Orlando IMPERIO, from Australia, you see the picture of the girl in the middle? her name is Marian Wescott. Is this news paper real?

The girl in the photo has scammed me for money. We have met at an internet dating site and she plan to come and see me here in Australia yesterday. but i received an email from here today saying that she is in a motor accident.

The person who gave me that news paper clip was sent by DR david, who clams that he is attending to her at some hospital. Mr Dr david sent me that email throw Marian Wescotts email Address. She gave him the email password to email me.


The cover page above displayed a fake accident story involving a white girl, identified as Marian Westcott.

The authentic P.M.NEWS front page of the same day which is posted below did not carry any such story, the editors said and urged the web audience to cross-check with the web-master.

Orlando Imperio was however advised to contact The Economic Final Crimes Commission.



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