Jay Z has taken on the role of Rihanna‘s mentor/big brother so understandably he’s concerned that she has chosen to get close to Chris Brown again.

After Chris assaulted Rihanna in 2009 there were rumours that Hov flexed his industry muscles to have the Deuces singer banned from performing a Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards that same year.

Jigga later denied the rumours.

That’s the silliest rumour I’ve ever heard,” he told BBC Radio 1′s Tim Westwood during a July 2009 interview.

That’s not even my style.

If I got a problem with Chris Brown, I got a problem with Chris Brown.”

Yesterday, The Sun reported that the Roc Nation head honcho has issued a warning to Brown that he will end his career if he hurts Rihanna again.

Jay-Z told Rihanna that if Chris is truly making her happy then to go for it,” a source told the publication.

He invited them as a couple to his concert in New York and backstage he called Chris to one side and told him if he hurts Rihanna, whether emotionally or physically, it’s over for him.

He’ll ensure it will result in the end of his career.”

Jay-Z has a lot of industry pull, but Chris is wildly popular.

Whether Jay could actually damage Chris career is unclear. Hopefully it won’t ever come to that.


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