A Lagos Law Firm AAA Chambers last week served a notice of court action against the Telecommunications Giant ..MTN following an unjustifiable, unwarranted and inexplicable disengagement of 65 Members of their staff viz a viz their alleged wilful refusal to pay all the compensation/redundancy benefits thereto.

 In an Interview with a reliable correspondent from the Firm (name withheld), he stated that:

It is hard to believe and understand a company that has the ability to give out aeroplanes amongst other items as gifts would take such drastic actions against their staff without prior notice and compensation.

An Excerpt From The Demand Letter Below ..

We believe that a well structured, cultured and organized telecommunications company will not allow its member of staff to be unjustifiably sacked without a single reason in the purported letter headed “Re: Withdrawal of Service” and their perpetual refusal to pay all the affected staff their compensation for loss of Job since 2009.

It is in our humble opinion that we bring this devastating issue to the Parent company in South Africa before this ugly issue degenerate any further in Nigeria.

AAA Chambers; Contact – !


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  1. Tope Alakija January 19, 2013 at 10:46 pm

    It’s high time someone puts a stop to MTN’s nonsense in Nigeria…

  2. Charles Okafor January 19, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    I fact we must see to the end of this case…..enough is enough …..all these South African companies are taking Nigerians for granted….instead of paying staff well…they are busy dashing out wonder aero planes ….nincompoops ……..

  3. Nkiru January 19, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    @Tope, I concur. I actually know 2 people who were personally affected by this Unjustifiable Sack. As in, it’s soooo sad because these people are the bread-winners of their families. MTN should concentrate on providing better services than making people’s lives a misery. Rubbish!!!

  4. Chris January 28, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Please the bad belle is too much… You guys should get your facts right. MTN’s services might be messed up, but God is watching you if you tell lies against them all the time.

    Sometime last year, I read in the Guardian newspapers where MTN gave an official response over this issue.

    According to MTN, those staff are Customer Service staff on their 180 line who were sacked for poor performance.(Not surprising. Infact, most of those customer care staff are not serious!)
    These ones were paid all the entitlements as stated in their letter of employment. Some of them were even owing the company money as they had collected their housing allowance for 12 months upfront, but MTN waived it aside.

    As a student lawyer, I have been following this story with interest, and I wonder why haven’t these ex-staff(or their lawyers) gone to court to file a case yet? Why haven’t they taken their case to the National Industrial Court, or the NLC? If you have a case, why are you just making mouth on the pages of newspapers? Instead of getting a serious lawyer to fight for them, they are going to the House of Reps who are just thieves and are hoping to ask for settlement.

    If they are honest with themselves, they know they don’t have a case. If you’ve watched Boston legal TV series, you’ll know that some law firms love to go against the big companies so they can make money or popularity. Seems to me, this AAA chambers is just famzing…

  5. Bruno February 5, 2013 at 12:23 am

    @Chris. You’ve been following the case. So what stage is it now? You are a student lawyer; so you’ll just fly to the industrial court without at least communicating with MTN’s legal dept or their parent company to find out their side of the story. Did you know that Akin Braithwaite who marshalled this devvilish act did same at Celtel before joining MTN. Infactn he was sacked at Celtel. You just type rubbish and senseless comments. Are you sure you are a law student? You need switchcourse cus you are very dumb.
    MTN’s legal dept till date can’t defend their actions. The resolution of NASS on the issue can be seen on article 11 via
    Its in PDF format but incase you cannot open it, the content is attached on MS word.
    You can also select and click house proceeding on thursday January 17th, 2013
    MTN nigeria is in soup now as there had also been series of fraud in the orgaanisation. @Chris always use your brain before you make comments on public links cus you act like the management staff of mtn who knows nothing but victimisation and adultery in the office. Fraud and indiscipline is their watchword. Those guys. Sacked are theath to some of the top staff. Those guys held key positions and had served btw 5 to 8 yrs with necessary qualifications and higher degrees. They trained most of the current staff in Customer Relations since inception. The guy who marshalled the sack has a degree in theology. Those guys were sacked two months after their promotion. Some were on official assignments, some study leave, some maternity leave. Did you even know one of them lost her spouse three months before the sack? You arre very dumb Chris

  6. Bruno February 6, 2013 at 8:21 pm


    Customer Relation Executive,
    MTN Nigeria Communications Limited,
    Golden Plaza Building,
    Falomo, Ikoyi,

    4th February, 2013.

    The Managing Director,
    MTN Nigeria Communications Limited,
    Golden Plaza Building,
    Falomo, Ikoyi,


    Dear Sir,


    Above subject matter refers.

    Find enclosed the Order Paper by House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria on the 17th January, 2013{Particularly Motion 11} and the Order Paper speaks for itself.

    Please refer to our letters dated 10th December, 2012 and 7th January, 2013 and your responses dated 20th December, 2012 and 10th January, 2013 respectively wherein you reiterated your position that your unjustifiable withdrawal of our clients’ services is in line with the Labour Act of 1974.

    To begin with, you will recall the issue leading to the present stalemate, which culminated out of your perpetual refusal to pay compensation to all our clients for terminating their employments for reasons best known to you.

    A proper consumption of the already enclosed Order Paper by House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria further affirms our position that your act is totally contradictory to the laws of Nigeria and we sincerely believe that you can not rely on the laws to suit your own purpose alone, thereby ignoring the intendment of the law itself. We sincerely believe you will do the needful without any delay whatsoever.


    For clarity purposes we humbly make reference to Motion 11 of the aforementioned order paper by the House of Representatives and as you are no doubt aware that you can not interpret the law contrary to the makers of the law themselves neither can you flout/defy/contravene the sacrosanct orders of the Nigerian government.

    As gentlemen in the Temple of justice, we again request for a speedy settlement of all our clients’ compensation before this issue becomes a subject of litigation, because we will stop at nothing to pray the court to withdraw the operating licence of a telecommunication company that has flouted the sacred orders of the Nigerian government and desecrated the fundamental human right as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution. Please be further informed that your act does not only bother on the violation of our clients’ contract of employment but reeks of gross violation of both our clients’ fundamental human right and your complete impunity, disregard, impudence to the Nigerian Constitution.

    We therefore restate our position that we are again constrained to demand and we hereby demand the outstanding compensation due to our clients and settlement of all pending issues without any delay whatsoever.

    TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that where you refuse to undo the wrongs constituted to our clients’ as requested above within 7 clear days from the service of this demand on you, we shall not hesitate to perfect our clients’ further instructions. Please take notice that this shall serve as our last pre-action notice to your organization.

    Be guided.

    Yours faithfully,

  7. Nocky Goje. June 17, 2013 at 9:59 am

    I necessarily don’t see mtn as a responsible Telecom outfit.Aside from shortchanging and ripping off its customers by various means and dubious services charges, it has solidly violated all labour laws and corporate laws governing work ethics and has perfected in the act of hiring and firing at will.The communications regulators should act on this reckless outfit before other responsible network start to emulate them.


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