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NEWS: Lagos Law Firm Sues MTN Over Unjustifiable Sack of 65 Workers


A Lagos Law Firm AAA Chambers last week served a notice of court action against the Telecommunications Giant ..MTN following an unjustifiable, unwarranted and inexplicable disengagement of 65 Members of their staff viz a viz their alleged wilful refusal to pay all the compensation/redundancy benefits thereto.

 In an Interview with a reliable correspondent from the Firm (name withheld), he stated that:

It is hard to believe and understand a company that has the ability to give out aeroplanes amongst other items as gifts would take such drastic actions against their staff without prior notice and compensation.

An Excerpt From The Demand Letter Below ..

We believe that a well structured, cultured and organized telecommunications company will not allow its member of staff to be unjustifiably sacked without a single reason in the purported letter headed “Re: Withdrawal of Service” and their perpetual refusal to pay all the affected staff their compensation for loss of Job since 2009.

It is in our humble opinion that we bring this devastating issue to the Parent company in South Africa before this ugly issue degenerate any further in Nigeria.

AAA Chambers; Contact –  info@aaachambers.com !


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