Pastor Reverend Chukwuemeka Ezeuko aka Reverend King was arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to death by hanging in January 2007 for the death of one of his church members, a young girl named Ann, who he set ablaze by pouring fuel on her along with 6 other church members after accusing them of committing fornication in his church.

Ann died in hospital from injuries she sustained from the burn.

Rev King has been in prison since then, awaiting his death sentence.

Despite his incarceration, his church, Christian Praying Assembly, is still running.

It was his birthday a few weeks ago and members of his church bought several ad spaces in one of the prominent newspapers in Nigeria where they showered him with praises.

In one of the ad, he was compared to Jesus Christ, calling him The Father, His Holiness etc.

Quite a number of people were angry that the newspaper ran the ad, not only because of the comparison, but because he was also a condemned man.



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