THE traditional ruler alleged to have raped a youth corps member, Oba Adebu-kola Alli, the Alowa of Ilowa, Osun State, on Tuesday, told the court at the resumed hearing of the trial case of an alleged rape of a 23-year-old Helen Okpara that the victim should show the private part he was alleged to have bruised to the court.

His request, which was made through his lawyer, Mr Tawfiq Tewogbade, prompted the lady to burst into tears.

Mr Tewogbade, during cross examination, de-manded that Miss Okpara should open her bruised private part in the court- room, or go into the judge chamber to show it to the judge, himself and the prosecution.

His demand made the lady to feel humiliated, while it took the intervention of the principal state counsel, Mr Biodun Badiora, to calm her down.

The prosecution counsel also objected to the request of Mr Tewogbade.

Counsel for the traditional ruler informed the court that it was a misconception on the part of the prosecution, adding that the demand was not to insult the victim but to verify the claim that her private part was bruised.

The presiding judge, Justice Jide Falola, however, overruled the request of the defence counsel, saying that the question was raised for her to exhibit her nudity yesterday (Monday) and she answered you that she can’t.

You can ask another question that won’t provoke her person. She has no picture of it and she cannot exhibit her private part to the court or in the chambers.

The traditional ruler alleged that he gave the ex-corps member the sum of N20,000 out of the N50,000 she demanded in order not to raise any scandal after the sexual intercourse, but Okpara, in a swift reaction, denied the allegation, saying I never asked the Oba of any money and he never gave me any money.



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