Looks like Kim Kardashian is a step closer to being officially single due to her and Kris Humphries‘ lawyers facing off in court today.

The goal of the court gathering was for lawyers of both sides to tell the judge what they have done to either settle the case or prepare for trial.

While Kardashian is filing a traditional divorce, Humphries refuses to settle and is looking to get an annulment based on the whole marriage being a fraud despite the fact that he already signed a prenup that leaves him with nothing from the 72-day marriage.

Although Humphries won’t settle, TMZ reports that he hasn’t even prepared for the trial.

Supposedly, the baller’s lawyers haven’t taken Kardashian‘s disposition. Dispositions were due in court today.

There is speculation that the situation is lingering in attempt to continue gaining publicity.

Laura Wasser, Kardashian‘s attorney, said Humphries is the one to blame for the lagging since he is resorting to legal tactics.

Meanwhile, Humphries lawyer Marshall Waller made the dispute that lawyers for the whole Keeping Up With The Kardashians crew, including Kanye West, are being just plain uncooperative.

By the way, according to the Washington Post, West recently received a subpoena in a Nordstorm box.

Waller added if his NBA client continues with the fraud claim, the divorce may require a two week trial before reaching an resolution.

The Associated Press said Judge Stephen Moloney believes the case can be done at least by next May, before Memorial Day.

A follow-up hearing is scheduled for November 28th.



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