Posted November 6, 2013 by Campus Heat in Interviews

OH WOW! Shizzi Releases Official Statement Addressing The Wande Coal Don Jazzy Saga


The release of Wande Coal‘s new single Baby Face prod. by Shizzi yesterday led to a lot of drama.

Don Jazzy‘s accused Wande Coal & Shizzi of Intellectual Property Theft.

Shizzi decided to clarify his stand on the issue by putting out the press release below.

I have heard and seen some folks rant about me stealing production credit for Wande Coal’s new single “Baby Face” and I would like to clarify this issue.

I was only doing my job by making the beat for Wande and that’s what I did.

I don’t see any reason why people should jump into quick conclusions without taking their time to really dig into the matter for facts.

Two years back, I remember I created a demo for Wande Coal’s “Shawty Go low” and someone else took the credit.

I was in shock because i had plans to finish the song with Wande and was hoping it would be released as a single which i produced.”


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