Drake stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently to chop it up about his dating life.

Ellen posted photos of Kat Dennings, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna.

Drake responded by admitting whether or not he’s had a relationship with them.

Excerpts From The Interview Below ..


She’s a Great Girl, We had our Moment and I’ve like always shown love & support for her.

Nicki Minaj

Me & Nicki ..We’re like Family!

I love Nicki with all my heart. We’ve a relationship we share not like an intimate…. !

Tyra Banks

Tyra? I went on a date with her one time. It wasn’t even a date like tha – more like a get together kind of ….

Kim Kardashian

NO! Nothing at all..

Kat Dennings

I’ve just always had a huge crush on Kat Dennings. She was kind enough to oblige me one night and we like went for dinner but that was it. They don’t call me back after 1 date .. Lol

She’s great tho but right now I’m single …and ready to mingle.

Watch The Rest of The Interview Below …


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