Previously, it was reported that Babcock University unveiled the schools new Undergraduate Tuition fees today and students were literally unhappy about it.

The schools Student Association held an Emergency Meeting with the University’s Vice Chancellor; the outcome below.


“Dear Beloved Babcock Students,

We outlined all our plights, made robust presentation as to why the timing is absurd, the increase is insensitive and students will not be able to resume!

It was a back and forth struggle that lasted almost 4 hours!

At the end, he promised to return back his board.

We remain  hopeful and continue to insist students must wait until parents have come and defended their stand!

Those that are happy to pay the millions should go ahead but those that remain united with us, let our parents come and join us in this struggle as BUSA cannot hold the frontline alone.

Remember the date is 8th September, 11am.

Our parents must join us.”

BUSA (Babcock University Students Association) cares.

Check Out Some of The Responses of The Students & The Increased Fees HERE


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