A BRUTAL killer who bludgeoned his former girlfriend and her disabled mum to death after breaking into their home has been jailed for life.

“Monster” Anthony Showers, 42, also killed the family dog along with on-off girlfriend Jade Hales, 28, and her 53-year-old mum Karen.

The court heard Jade, who family members said was petite and weighed only five stone, had been in an on-off relationship with the defendant.

Jade Hales & her Mum Karen

Sentencing Showers to at least 29-and-a-half years behind bars Judge Mr Justice Timothy King said:

“The evidence is overwhelming that you were angry and frustrated that Jade would not answer your calls and would not open the front door to let you in.”

He said Jade and Karen, who was disabled and used a walking frame, had both been subject of court orders for their protection from Showers.

The court heard Showers had spent five hours in their home in Liverpool after breaking in in June this year.

He left each of his victims in their bedrooms, before handing himself in to police the following day.

In a victim personal statement read to the court, Amanda Hales, the 21-year-old sister of Jade and daughter of Karen, described Showers as a “bully” and “monster” who emotionally, mentally and physically tortured his sister and mother.

Amanda Hales

She said she had “begged” and “pleaded” with her sister to leave Showers.

She said: “Growing up, Jade and I were as close as any sisters.

“The day she met Anthony saw Jade change from a fun-loving young woman to a scared, frail person.

“I watched him take every last piece of her until there was no more to take.

“Each day is harder than the last. Anger is the only emotion I feel now.”

Showers was sentenced to life after he admitted the double murder.

The judge added: “These, on any view, were brutal, fatal attacks on two innocent victims. Both were vulnerable.

“No words of mine can properly express the depth and reality of the grief and loss you have caused to the families of Jade and Karen.”

In a statement, Jade’s father Alyn Cole said the deaths were “beyond comprehension” and Showers had shown no remorse.

He said: “I am mindful you have awareness of the degree of devastation and emotional pain you have caused.”

Showers had claimed he found the hammer used to carry out the murders in the Hales’ house but, following a trial of issue in August, Mr Justice King ruled he had returned to his own to get the weapon after there was no answer when he knocked on the door.

He also rejected Showers’ claim he had consensual sex with Jade before murdering her and said the sexual activity must have taken place while Jade was dying or dead.

Jade Hales

Nick Johnson, mitigating, said Showers had suffered from anxiety and depression.

The court heard his own sister, Maxine Showers, had also been murdered and her killer had been sentenced about 10 weeks before Showers carried out the fatal attacks.

Credits: The Sun UK


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