A CHAMPION weightlifter who works at a church-affiliated gym in Australia is accused of sleeping with a number of young women behind his fiancée’s back.

 The bodybuilder is married to glamorous Kayleigh Keane

Australia’s strongest man Rhyss Keane, 27, is a coach at a gym affiliated with the Impact Christian church in New South Wales when he’s not competing.

A 17-year-old girl and two other young women have come forward to claim the professional power-lifter abused his position and seduced female clients while he was engaged to his now-wife Kayleigh.

 The professional powerlifter is accused of seducing and having sex with female clients while he was engaged - and is now married

They also claim he had sex with them, sent them sexually explicit messages and images behind his fiancée back.

The disturbing allegations were uncovered by Australian show A Current Affair.

 Kayleigh Keane often posts pics on her social media of her workouts

Speaking with the show, a 17-year-old girl claimed: “He would ask me to press against his groin region or allow him to do that to me.

“It was fairly manipulative and controlling, I really felt like I had no option, that I had to do what he wanted for me to get the best coaching I could.”

The woman said she consented to have sex with Keane three times.

 Allegations of Rhyss' multiple affairs came to light on the night before his wedding to Kayleigh

She also claims Keane’s lurid text messages, in which he seemed “infatuated” with her getting pregnant.

The teen said: “He seemed to be quite infatuated with getting me pregnant and I found that really strange.

“That’s when I sort of stepped back a little bit and tried to evaluate what was really going on.”

 Tattoo fan Kayleigh is an active user of photo-sharing site Instagram

She also claimed she was one of at least six women having an affair with the athlete while he was engaged to be married.

The other two women that were interviewed by A Current Affair have have made similar claims.

 A number of women have come forward to make the disturbing allegations

The allegations of his multiple affairs came to light on the night before his wedding.

He allegedly wrote on Facebook: “I just wanted to take this time to sincerely apologise to you all, I have a serious problem and I have left people down I had a responsibility to you to be a leader and I failed, I am ashamed and embarrassed at myself.”

 Rhyss Keane is accused of misusing his position as a coach at his church-affiliated gym in New South Wales

Impact Gym, in Erina New South Wales, where Keane works, said they are offering counselling to anyone who needs it.


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