THE CHILLING confession of a man who stabbed and suffocated his ex-wife in America was “I wanted to watch her die”.

Anne-Christine Johnson, 30, went missing on December 8 after visiting her ex-husband Shaun Hardy at his home in League City, Texas.

After he was questioned three weeks later by police when Ms Johnson did not return hime, 32-year-old Hardy confessed to her murder on December 30, the Houston Chronicle has reported.

Police found the mother-of two’s corpse wrapped in plastic at his home with Hardy using scented candles to mask the smell.

He also used ammonia to wipe the floor of her blood.

Hardy reportedly told officers how he ‘wanted to watch her die’ when she came to his house.

Ms Johnson allegedly held a knife to her own chest as if to kill herself when he kicked it into body.

He eventually suffocated her with a plastic bag to ‘put her out of her misery’.

The couple had divorced in 2015 and were in the middle of a custody battle over their five-year-old son.

Ms Johnson had already taken a restraining order out against her ex as she told police she feared for her life.

Hardy was held on a £812,000 bond ($1 million).

Credits: The Sun UK


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