A TALENTED ballet dancer died in a horrific go-karting accident as she celebrated her 28th birthday.

Russian Marina Yablochkina had been working in China as a show ballet dancer in a club.

The last video she uploaded to social media before heading off on the fateful go-karting trip in an unspecified location shows her happily blowing out the candles on her birthday cake.

She captioned it: “Happy birthday to me!”

The pretty blonde is seen in a red evening dress seems at ease with friends.

After enjoying the cake, Marina went with friends to the amusement park to have fun karting.

During the race Marina reportedly lost control and crashed into a wall.

She broke her neck in the accident and was not able to breathe.

Marina’s friend and colleague Gulnara Kasumova told local media:

“The amusement park workers called an ambulance.

“Marina had a heartbeat, but she did not breathe.”

She was rushed to the hospital, but later died.

Paramedics performed a heart massage on Marina as soon as they arrived but it proved to be in vain.

Marina’s posts on social media spoke of her being homesick for her native city of Barnaul in central Russia.

She missed her relatives and friends and hoped to get back home in a year.

Marina’s grieving relatives face the additional problem of transporting her body from China to Russia.

They are trying to collect money via an online fund for the expensive procedure.


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