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PHOTOS: Bisexual Teacher Francoise Jenkins Who Had Sex w/ 3 Students Banned For Life

A BISEXUAL teacher romped with a sixth form pupil in a four-in-a-bed orgy before paying one of the men involved £13,000 to keep quiet.

A disciplinary panel heard married Francoise Jenkins, 45, had an affair with the vulnerable 18-year-old – which lasted nearly two years.

Jenkins has been banned from teaching for life over the affair which began after she started working as a supply teacher at Danum Academy, in Doncaster, South Yorkshire in 2007.

She befriended the Year 13 student after getting her mobile number from the school computer and later seduced her at prom.

Ms Jenkins met the girl, Pupil A, for a drink afterward the school disco and took her home where she admitted having sex both with her and a man, referred to in the hearing as Individual C.

She said in a statement that as it progressed Individual C became more involved but they did not have full sex as she was “worried about becoming pregnant.”

Another time the teen was invited to the house with a male friend, known as Individual A, and all four of them, including Jenkins and Individual C, had sex.

After the orgy Jenkins offered to pay Individual C “hush money” of £13k.

It came after he allegedly threatened to tell the school about the affair as Jenkins said: “I paid him off in the end as he wouldn’t leave the house and asked for money to stop him telling.”

She later changed her story to claim the £13k payment was only connected to buying the man out of her house.

Jenkins denied that she engaged in sexual activity with the pupil whilst she was still at the school but the pupil claimed that they did.

The panel heard Jenkins later appeared to confirm the relationship when she texted the pupil to say: “That stuff shouldn’t have happened.”

The relationship began in April 2007 and lasted for almost two years, the hearing was told.

Although Pupil A reported the relationship to staff at her homeless shelter who passed on the information to the school, no action was taken as the girl refused to take matters further.

The pupil eventually reported the relationship to the school and Jenkins was suspended.

Jenkins left the school in July 2015, but continued teaching elsewhere. That October, the pupil told the school, and Jenkins was suspended.

After this, Jenkins asked the pupil to delete text messages detailing their relationship, which the tribunal ruled was dishonest, but was at the lower end of the spectrum.

Banning her for life, Alan Meyrick, on behalf of the Education Secretary, said: “Ms Jenkins initiated a relationship with a vulnerable pupil whilst she was still on the school roll.

“Furthermore, the inappropriate relationship was only possible because Ms Jenkins was in a position of trust as a teacher.

“The panel has therefore found that Ms Jenkins was responsible for sexual conduct with a vulnerable pupil which was sustained over a period of time.”


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