A British Airways pilot has been suspended amid claims he pleasured himself wearing stockings in the cockpit at 38,000 feet.

Captain Colin Glover, 51, was removed from flying duties after we alerted bosses to a series of sordid images seemingly shot in a Boeing 777 on a long-haul flight.

They reveal a pervy airman in stockings taking lurid selfies of his aroused manhood.


One image shows a leg sprawled over the dashboard while the plane appears to be on autopilot and with the co-pilot’s seat empty.

In another, an airman spreads his stocking-clad legs over the joystick while revealing himself.


A further sordid snap shows the man with his genitals exposed in a cabin’s toilet.

Other images show a pornographic magazine spread on the controls and explicit playing cards scattered around the cockpit.



Serial numbers on the control panel suggest the pictures were taken aboard at least two separate British Airways planes.

The airline confirmed yesterday it was probing the images — and whether they were taken feet from passengers mid-flight.

British Airways said: “We are taking these allegations extremely seriously.”

Twice-married dad Glover — a BA Captain since 1990 — is thought to have denied to bosses the pictures are of him. But he is likely to be permanently grounded if they disagree.

Airline expert Chris Yates said yesterday: “This is very dangerous if the plane is in mid-flight.

“If you are flying, you can fly into serious turbulence.

“This person is in danger of losing his aircraft and his job.”

He said it was unlikely the pictures were taken on a simulator.

Chris added: “You can tell by the lighting it is a plane.

“There is also more going on in the control panels than on a ­simulator. It looks a live aircraft.”

A former BA pilot also said there were not toilets like the one seen in one of the pictures on the airline’s simulators.

Glover, who has a grown-up son, regularly takes control of 777s on long-haul flights to destinations including America, the Caribbean and the Far East.

He was born in Windsor, Berks, went to uni in Edinburgh and lives in Dublin.

The Sun last week revealed a first class BA passenger was arrested amid claims he used a phone to film up a stewardess’ skirt.

Last night, Glover’s lawyer denied the pictures were of him.

Credits: The Sun


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