The Brit arrested after reporting an alleged rape in Dubai has declared : “The truth will come out.”

Zara-Jayne Moisey, 25, who is happy to be named by her family in the UK, told cops she was attacked in a hotel.

But she now faces being charged with breaching the United Arab Emirates’ strict laws on extramarital sex.

When approached by The Sun in Dubai, a frail-looking Zara-Jayne said: “I have faith that justice will be done.”

A friend of the Brit tourist allegedly raped in Dubai spoke of Zara-Jayne Moisey’s ordeal yesterday — and said: “She is being unbelievably brave.”

The mate added: “Zara is keeping her head down while the men accused of raping her are sunbathing and boozing with pals.

“At some point the world will know what has happened.”


Zara-Jayne looked frail and gaunt as she went for a walk in Dubai today.

She was blinking back tears while strolling in 90F heat.

When approached by The Sun, she said:

“I have every respect for the United Arab Emirates and its laws and have faith that justice will be done.

“The truth will come out.

“But I can’t say anything at this stage, sorry.”


Zara-Jayne, of Farnham, Surrey, claims she was attacked in a hotel last month while on holiday.

But after reporting her alleged rape, the software consultant was arrested and locked up.

Though single after a marriage split, she faces being charged with breaching strict laws on extra- marital sex and boozing.

She has been released on bail but her passport has been confiscated.

Her friend said: “She is not the kind to behave inappropriately.

“She was married in name only.

“That relationship is long since over.

“She is strong but being tested to the limit.”

Zara-Jayne, who is also known as just Zara, wed Paul Edwards in 2014 but the marriage collapsed earlier this year.

She has been named and pictured by her family on a fund-raising website after she was forced to find up to £24,000 in legal fees.

Her mum Sue is raising funds on and Facebook.

A message from Zara-Jayne to dad Chris read: “It’s petrifying out here alone but I have to stay strong.”

She told pals she is doing yoga and meditating to keep calm.

The Sun revealed yesterday that martial arts expert David Butlin, 22, and ex-Wolves starlet Louis Harris, 24, are accused of attacking her.

They were pictured relaxing with Towie’s James Argent at a Dubai Beach Club while on bail.

David Butlin, 22, and footballer Louis Harris, 24, (pink shirt) are accused of attacking Zara . . . they are pictured with Towie’s Arg (far left) in Dubai

Butlin and Harris, thought to be cousins, are understood to firmly deny the claims made against them.

Zara’s family have set up a Go Fund Me page to pay for legal fees to
defend the case. You can donate at

Credits: The Sun UK


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