A newborn baby has been found ALIVE after being double-bagged and tossed into a large skip – and left to die.

His 19-year-old mum, Amber Brianna Fulton, of Kingstree, South Carolina, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The baby boy, who was less than five hours old, was found naked and crying in a dumpster at Claflin University in South Carolina on Wednesday morning.

Fulton, a student at the university, has also been charged with illegal contact towards a child.

Police say after Fulton gave birth she cut the umbilical cord with scissors.

She then used tissues to clean the baby, placed him in a plastic bag and put that bag in another large trash bag which she tied with a loose knot, before dumping it in a dumpster at the campus, WBTV reported.

Staff at the university were collecting garbage for the week when they heard a baby sobbing inside the green skip.

It is understood the baby had been there for up to five hours by the time he was rescued.

The boy was rushed to a hospital where he is reported to be in good condition.

Further details on the baby have not been released.

Orangeburg Department of Public Safety investigators claim Fulton admitted to giving birth in secret in a dormitory bathroom before dumping her baby in the bin.

Fulton appeared in court on Thurday wearing an orange jumpsuit, handcuffs, leg restraints and a plastic hospital bracelet.

Her parents were also present at the hearing.

Orangeburg DPS officials are dealing with the shock of the investigation.

“It is something that we don’t like seeing.

We’re fortunate in this incident because the baby could have been deceased.

We’re very fortunate the baby is alive and doing well,” said Captain Alfred Alexander with Orangeburg DPS.

“We’re going through a gauntlet of emotions, but we’re trying to stay focused.”


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