A HORRIFIED mum has told how her callous ex sent explicit pictures to her 12-year-old daughter after she dumped him.

Spurned ex David Derbyshire set up a fake Facebook account in Emma Sutcliffe’s name with a profile picture featuring her with her boobs out.


David sent all of Emma’s mates, family and even her BOSS a friend request, meaning they all saw the revealing snap.

The mum of three from Bolton said: “I was sickened to the core by the images my daughter had to see, it was horrific.”

Their relationship began in February 2014, after meeting in a wine bar, but ended after two years together in April 2016.

Emma, 42, said: “He was obsessed with taking dirty pics of me, especially of my breasts.

“I was really shy to start with but after a bit of persuading I got into it, I just thought it was a bit of fun to spice things up.”

Outside of the bedroom David, 35, was great with her children Declan, 17, Georgia, 12, and Lexi, four.

She said: “He was a dream with the kids, they loved him he had a really strong bond with Georgia. He didn’t live with us but he was around all the time.”

Emma & her daughter Georgia Sutcliffe

However, cracks began to appear in the relationship after only a few months, which started to concern Emma.

She recalled: “He started drinking heavily and would be argumentative when he was drunk, it was horrible. All we seemed to do was row.”

Eventually Emma could take no more – he was making her life a misery and her children were picking up on the sour atmosphere.

Emma said: “One evening I said I couldn’t take anymore and he had to leave.

“He seemed to take it really well and he calmly walked out of the door. I thought that was too easy and I was right.

“The next day I was at home with Lexi when my phone pinged. It was a Facebook friend request from someone using my name.

Emma knew David was behind its and she accepted his request so she could close down the page, but he blocked her instead.


She said: “I felt violated that he had betrayed our trust. Within seconds my phone went berserk with messages. Friends, family and work colleagues from my job at a supermarket had also received the same friend request.

“I just wanted the world to swallow me up, and I thought things couldn’t get any worse, but they did.

“My 12-year-old-daughter Georgia called me and asked why my boobs were all over Facebook and that she would get bullied if people at school saw the images.”

Within seconds of hanging up the phone Emma’s phone went again and her boss has also seen the pictures.

In desperation Emma texted David begging him to stop.

He replied “No, you’re going to get it.”

Emma explained: “He took it to the next level. He set up another account, with the same picture, but called me Emma S***salot and put my address and telephone number, as well as offering sexual favours.

“Georgia even contacted him but he told her I deserved it. I had no choice but to call the police. They gave me an appointment in a week’s time.

Emma & her daughter Georgia Sutcliffe

“During this time David even messaged my best mate pretending to be me and asked for a threesome with her partner, and Georgia saw a screen grab of that message.

“The next day a mate in the pub said he got a message from me offering to give him a b***job for a tenner. It was relentless.”

Eventually the police got involved and David admitted one count of disclosing a private sexual photograph or film with the intent to cause distress.

He was sentenced to 17 weeks in prison and was given a restraining order.

But he appealed and his sentence was replaced with eight weeks suspended and a 15-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

Emma said: “After what he put me through I don’t think it is anywhere near enough.

“The thought of strangers looking at my intimate pictures turns my stomach.

“I just want to warn other women to be cautious when posing for saucy pics, it might feel like a bit of fun at the time, but it can have dire consequences.”

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Credits: The Sun UK


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