A GROUP of female presenters have all stripped completely naked to present the news in the nude.

The girls all work for Naked News, a Canadian channel which claims to be the ‘programme with nothing to hide’.

The programme is broadcast six days a week, with 25 minute bulletins showing the women carrying out interviews and presenting the big news stories of the day completely starkers.


Female anchors read the news fully nude or strip as they present their segments.

The raunchy site started in 1999 as an English speaking show and now has one based in Japan too.

The programme now has eight anchors, plus guest stars, and was reported to be attracting more than six million viewers at its height.


Current anchors are said to include Whitney St-John, Isabella Rossini and Elise Laurenne.

The male version closed in 2007 six years after it was launched.


The channel’s Twitter page has more than 60,000 followers and the site even has a Naked at the Movies show for film fans.

But the news channels faces stiff competition for the title of world’s sexiest presenters after a weathergirl on a Spanish language news show stunned viewers by taking her clothes off live on air.

Genesis Tapia stripped down to a skimpy orange bikini while presenting a heatwave report on El Noticioso: La Chica Del Tiempo.


She began the broadcast in a smart black blazer, pencil skirt, yellow tie and figure-hugging white shirt.

The sexy clip has been viewed by over 40 million people online.

But Genesis isn’t the only weather girl to struggle with her clothes live on air.

Romanian host Roxana Vancea presented a report while wearing a blouse that exposed her boobs.

The brunette went braless for the segment and ended up giving fans an eyeful.


And the world’s sexiest weather girl Yanet Garcia delighted her social media followers after posting a series of steamy Instagram pictures wearing thongs.

Images of Yanet presenting the weather went viral around the world and resulted in her being voted the world’s sexiest weathergirl.

Her popularity meant that the local weather show she presented became an online sensation, however she recently announced she had decided to leave the job and was planning to move to America to learn English.


She later turned up at New York Comic Con dressed as batgirl.

The beauty turned up to the event with her boyfriend, who was dressed up as Superman.

Credits: The Sun UK


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