A FIEND who disembowelled his girlfriend after she called out her ex-husband’s name during drunken sex in a closet said “sorry” as he was jailed for life without parole.

Fidel Lopez, 26, murdered his 31-year-old girlfriend Maria Nemeth at their Miami apartment in September 2015 – and then mutilated her body.

On Thursday, he apologised to her family as they wept in a Miami courtroom to see finally see him sent to jail.

Lopez pleaded guilty to murder and sexually battery charges last month as part of a plea deal to avoid the death penalty.

He told cops he got “really, really mad” and turned into a “monster” after his lover, Maria Nemeth, twice shouted her ex’s name during drunken sex.

He said he flew into a rage, drunk on tequila, and shattered a sliding glass door, punched holes in the wall and ripped a wardrobe door off its hinges.

According to a police report he returned to 31-year-old Maria, who was lying unconscious on the floor, and began to use various objects, such as beer bottles and his own hands to attack her.

He eventually ripped out part of her intestines with his hands, according to disturbing details in a report by US cops.

Lopez later called 911 to report that she was having trouble breathing.

When police arrived, they found the woman’s lifeless, mutilated body in the bathroom. He was sitting next to her crying.

Once in custody, he claimed the pair had been having rough sex when she started complaining that she did not feel well.

He said she then vomited and then passed out.

However that did not explain the large pools of blood on the bedroom carpet and blood stains that were found inside a closet or the bloody chunks of tissue found at the scene.

Lopez at first pleaded not guilty, sticking by the story he tried to give authorities at first.

He then admitted the pair had been having sex inside the closet when she called out the other man’s name sparking his violent rage.

On Thursday, he apologised to the woman’s family through a translator.

“I ask for forgiveness. I hope they can find it and I hope that one day they can forgive me,” he said, according to CBS which attended the trial.

His mother also appeared in court to apologise to the woman’s relatives.

“We’d like to apologise. In the whole sense of the word, we are sorry. Everything that has happened to them has happened to us as well,” she said.


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