CHLOE Khan might have graced the front cover of Playboy – but she doesn’t need a studio full of cameras and lighting to send pulses racing.

The star shocked fans as she stripped naked and filmed a series of racy Snapchat clips last night, while trying out some questionable Jamaican accents.


The brunette beauty almost completely exposes herself in the videos, as she covers up her bits in nothing but a flimsy bed sheet.

With her cleavage and leg on full display, the star looks relaxed and happy as she laughs at herself and her failed attempts at a series of different accents.


Chloe appears to try Jamaican at one point, before switching to her own voice and then trying more impersonations out.

Keeping the flattering flower Snapchat filter on, she then moans about not being able to sleep – and it sparked a mixed reaction from fans.

One wrote: “Go to sleep.”

While another added: “@ChloeKhanXXXSnapchat is amazing everyone add her.”


And one previously wrote: “Chloe Khan irritates the shit out of me on snap chat just poses half naked pouts and does that pathetic giggle !”

Despite the lack of sleep, she woke up feeling positive and tweeted just hours later:


“Do not compromise on who you are . Always stay true to you and don’t let others push you in a corner. The best version of you is yourself.”

Credits: The Sun UK


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