Lewis Bloor put on a naked show for girlfriend Marnie Simpson tonight as he strutted around her apartment shaking it all about.

The former Towie star was seen in a video posted to her Snapchat, prancing about in his birthday suit as she giggled her head off in the background.


And he clearly had no qualms about getting naked on video as she shared it with her fans.

Then again, Bloor is no stranger to going naked on camera as his Celebrity Big Brother antics proved this summer.

He first bared all when he changed into a pantomime horse during one of the tasks, before he and Marnie took a naked shower together, flashing their bits as they ran in and out of the bathroom.

Lewis then decided to show off his manhood to the housemates and pulled his balls out of his Y-fronts before strutting around the bedroom.


This was prompted by Marnie who told Renee Graziano:

“Lewis has got a massive willy, it is so big, it would really frighten ya.”

Marnie then instructed Lewis to: “Pull the balls out so I can look at the balls.”

This also began the romance between Marnie and Lewis, which is still going strong if this video is anything to go by.

But the reality star had to quash rumours of a split this week after she posted a cryptic tweet which read:

“One door closes another one opens that’s how life works.”

The comment comes several hours after his former housemate and girlfriend deleted all trace of him from her Instagram account and posted a message simply reading:

“Over before it begun.”


Appearing on Loose Women yesterday, she said:

“It’s tough because we live so far away with each other.

“We had an argument and I deleted every single picture of him from Instagram.

“We’re working through it”


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