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PHOTOS: Gabriel Herrera Stabbed Girlfriend Andrea Neri, 19 To Death in Front Their Son in Jail

A CONVICT killed his new girlfriend in jail ten years after murdering his wife in identical fashion.

Gabriel Herrera, 39, stabbed Andrea Neri, 19, in front of their two-month-old son before hanging her in his cell.

Local reports said he left his cell holding his son and told a guard: “I killed her in there.”

It is thought Herrera used a pointed wooden tool he made in a prison workshop to stab Andrea on Thursday.

He was serving time in an Argentinian jail for killing Veronica Castro in 2006 on a conjugal visit.

The violent inmate was placed in isolation and transferred to a city hall-run lock-up to protect him from other angry inmates while a full investigation got underway into why he was allowed a conjugal visit following his earlier crime.

Jose Neri, uncle of Herrera’s latest victim, said:

“Andrea met him in the prison where she was killed a year ago while she and her mum were visiting a cousin of hers who had been arrested.

“We’d warned her about him many times. Her mother and especially her dad told her to be careful and begged her repeatedly to end the relationship.

“We were worried about her seeing him because of his past. She knew what he had done at the other jail but young people can sometimes be stubborn.

“The last time we saw her was at midday yesterday/on Thursday. She looked after her younger brothers and sisters and she had something to eat before leaving with her baby to visit that assassin.”

Herrera is thought to have used a pointed wooden tool he made during a carpentry workshop in prison to stab Andrea.

His two brutal and inexplicable murders left three children orphans – two youngsters aged four and nine when he killed his wife just over a decade ago and now a two-month-old baby boy who has been placed in the care of his grannie.

It is understood he ended mum-of-two Veronica Castro’s life after she went to prison to tell him she was leaving him.

The circumstances surrounding Thursday’s sickening murder were not made immediately clear.

His ex mother-in-law Angelica Jorge, mum of his first victim, said after going to console relatives of the second woman he killed:

“He smashed my daughter against a wall, threw her to the ground and hanged her with a red T-shirt.

“Just like he left me ten years ago alone with my two grandchildren, he’s now left a little boy alone without his mother.”

One social media user commented under a picture Andrea posted on her Facebook page of her baby before meeting her tragic end:

“It makes me so sad to see that baby. Thanks God he doesn’t yet understand what happened.

“He has to be removed from all this so he doesn’t know anything because otherwise he’s going to grow up with a lot of pain.

“It breaks my heart. The son of a bitch who did this has to die in the worst way. He’s ruined the life of an entire family including his own child’s.”


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