SURGERY-obsessed “real-life Barbie” Pixee Fox has undergone even MORE extreme procedures – and her shocked parents aren’t impressed.

The glamour model, 26, has had more than 100 cosmetic surgeries including famously having six ribs removed and permanent eye implants to make them “cartoon green” – and she plans to have TEN more procedures next year.


Her body heroes include Jessica Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Holli Would from Cool World and she has spent nearly £100,000 on trying to look like them – paid for by savings and male fans.

She’s had several boob jobs, bringing her up to a colossal 30J, and her latest addition involved pumping up her bum and lips with fat from her legs and belly.


Pixee recently admitted she has “given up on love” to share a home with fellow surgery addict Justin Jedlica, so they can live together as a real-life Barbie and Ken.

But her pursuit of plastic perfection is in stark contrast to her rural upbringing.

Pixee grew up in Gavle, Sweden, living with her conservative parents and older sister.

Pixie & Her Sister Lovisa
Pixie & Her Sister Lovisa

Speaking about her family’s reaction to her transformation, she admitted: “I think it is hard for every parent to see your kid change and you don’t really understand why.

“I know my mum is a bit disappointed in me. It’s hard to see her disappointment. Especially when I have just had a new procedure done.

“It’s always a little uncomfortable to go home. I never really fitted into my hometown.


“Even when I was very young, I felt like I had to go away and do my own thing.

“My parents don’t really understand why I am doing this but I am very close with my sister, Lovisa.

“I have been able to tell her more than my parents and be more open with her.

“When I tell her about new procedures, she just laughs. She thinks I’m crazy but she doesn’t think anything negative.”

Lovisa, 28, still lives in Gavle where she trains horses.


Although she is proud of her sister, she has never had surgery herself.

She said: “I think Pixee aims high and has lots of plans. She has already achieved a lot.”

Pixee’s outlandish look is a world away from the natural beauty her parents remember when she was growing up.


Dad Karl-Axel Bartholf said he remembers Pixee being a tomboy and working in a local electronics factory as an electrician when she lived at home.

He said: “She didn’t tell us when she first started having surgeries and still now, there is lots she doesn’t tell us about.


“I always thought she would grow up to be a florist. Everyone did.

“She was always picking flowers in summertime and even in wintertime when the flowers were dry and dead, she would still pick them and make amazing bouquets.

“It is a shock for us all.”


Mum Anna-Lena, who works for a shipping company, was shocked to see Pixee with her lips bulbous and swollen from her latest surgery in Gothenburg.

She fears her daughter’s body may not withstand all of the surgeries that she has had – and the many more she is planning.


Anna-Lena said: “First of all, I think it could be dangerous. When does the body say, ‘No, stop?’

“Now she is 26, what happens when she is 62? And she was so beautiful before.

“She is cute now too, but in a completely different way.

Pixee was very quiet as a child, by herself a lot. She had a few friends but not too many.

“I think she didn’t really know where she belonged.

“But I don’t know. Every day I wonder why she did this.

“She knows I don’t like it – any of it – but I would rather have a happy daughter than one who feels down and bad.”


Pixee’s latest surgeries were done by Dr Fredrik Berne at Klinik34 in Gothenburg.

He spoke about the bum-lift procedure, which has become one of the most popular cosmetic operations in the world.

It involved removing Pixee’s own fat from her thigh and belly before pumping it into the hips, bum and lips.

Dr Berne said: “Fat is beautiful. We can shape and create whatever we like with it.

Pixee had 1000cc injected into her bum – 500 in each buttock.

“She now really has got that hour-glass figure.

“Then I pushed as much fat as I could into her lips so it will look enormous and, in a way, grotesque.

“But I think it will still not be quite as big as she would have liked.”


While they appear comically swollen at the moment, her lips should subside in size over the coming weeks and months.

While at home Pixee got the chance to review old photographs of herself.

She described it as like “looking at a different person”.

Pixee said: “I was satisfied with how I looked then and I’m satisfied with how I look now but I have this vision of what I want to look like and I am going to keep on pursuing it.

“Next year in 2017 I want to have ten more procedures. And I am going to start corset training and try to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s smallest waist.”

Credits: The Sun UK


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