A MARRIED mum was jailed for 40 months yesterday after repeatedly bedding a boy of 15.

Shoe shop worker Rachel Marshall, 42, showered him with gifts including cash, aftershave and an iPhone 6.

Prosecutor Simon Rogers said the mum of two teenage girls “would send naked photographs of herself to him”.

They had sex almost weekly.

But she left the lad suicidal by lying that he had made her pregnant when he got a girlfriend his own age, Caernarfon crown court heard.

Marshall, of Llandudno Junction, North Wales, admitted sex with a child and grooming.


Judge Peter Heywood told her: “You took advantage for your own desires.”

Judge Peter Heywood said what happened had a “disastrous” effect on the boy who had threatened suicide.

He told Marshall — described in court as a “model mum”: “You knew this young man’s age and took advantage of the situation for your own desires.”

Counsel said: “His confidence in the situation began to deteriorate. The defendant became aware of this.

She began to offer him things and gave him money when they met. The defendant gave him between £20 to £200.


“Her behaviour began to freak him out. She wouldn’t leave him alone. She was continually messaging him. The defendant wouldn’t let him stop what was going on.

“She would send naked photographs of herself to him and began contacting his friends.”

The boy described her as “relentless.”

Marshall had even created false social media accounts to contact the boy and he felt she was trying to “ruin his life.”

Police went to the youngster’s home after rumours at school and he burst into tears. He said Marshall’s behaviour had a “profound” effect.


Judge Heywood said it became clear the boy’s enthusiasm for the relationship was waning and Marshall started “showering him” with gifts.

The judge said: “He did manage to shake off your attention and started a relationship with another young lady.

Clearly you were annoyed and jealous and started sending him unpleasant texts and threatened to expose what he had done with you.

“You went beyond that, contacting the young lady and blackening his character and spoke to her parents.”

Credits: The Sun UK


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