A SCHEMING mistress sent her ex-lover’s wife a naked video of him taking a shower after he began a legal battle to prove he was the father of their love child.

Former university student Melissa Thomas, 24, sent the 13 second film via Whatsapp with the message:

”When you phone social services, why don’t you show them what your husband sent me. Good luck, you’ll need it when I’m finished.’

Earlier Thomas’ former lover, 63, also got the two year old clip himself along with the caption:

‘I just found this video on Facebook with your name and contact attached you perv. ‘How can you threaten a young boy? Is your wife committing benefit fraud?”

Fearing the footage was being circulated on the internet, he showed the messages and the 2014 video to his wife and she went to police to report Thomas. At the time the man had patched up his marriage with his wife after she had earlier left him over his affair with Thomas.


He had wanted to see the child and was planning to go to court to get DNA testing after issues over access.

At Manchester magistrates court, Thomas, from Salford, admitted disclosing private sexual photographs and films to the wife with intent to cause distress – but denied sending the clip to her former lover. Police say they have been unable to establish who sent the message to the husband.

But in a statement read the court the man – a father of two – said:

”I’m disgusted that a person could act in this way. I have done everything I can to see my son, I pay child support I have taken him on holiday and this is what I get in return.

I no longer wish to be in contact with Melissa and will sort out contact through the courts.”

The incident came three years after Thomas, a former tourism student, waged an 11 month hate campaign against another man after she was caught vandalising his front garden.

She had initially falsely accused the victim of assaulting her then was said to have created a Facebook page in his name so she could post abusive messages to her own account – and pretend they came from him.

As a result of the lies, the man was arrested four times wrongly charged with common assault and spent a total of 30 hours in a police cell before police found evidence which backed up his denials.

In March 2013 Thomas was given a two year suspended prison term.


Prosecutor Lynn Rogers said Thomas began her affair in September 2013 when he met her lover through a friend of his wife’s daughter.

She said: ” The relationship continued until October 2014. In September of that year he found out the defendant was pregnant. That relationship had finished and his wife had left him but they had got back together and the child was born in July 2015.

”There was no contact between them from November 2014 to March 2015 when Melissa found out that he was going to court to get DNA testing relating to the child. There were difficulties relating to the child with access and child support which carried on between the two.

”He wanted to see the child but this was made difficult for him because of the defendant. On the 29 of August 2016 he recieved a WhatsApp message. It was a video clip of him which lasted approximately 13 seconds, of him in the shower, fully naked front facing which was taken on a Caravan Holiday in June 2014.

”The video was taken by another female but was taken with his knowledge and he was aware of that. The defendant and another female had taken the video while away at a Golden Sands caravan park – and the video was taken with his consent at that time.

”The messages that came with the video were ‘I just found this video on Facebook with your name and contact attached you perv’. ‘How can you threaten a young boy’. ‘Is your wife committing benefit fraud’. There then followed another photograph of the child sat between his bare legs.

”He showed the messages and the video to his wife and was worried that the video was being circulated on the internet and he was in a panic.”

The man’s wife took his phone to a local police station but when she returned home, she received messages including the clip to her own device via WhatsApp from a phone belonging to Thomas.

Miss Rogers said: ”The messages said ‘When you phone social services why don’t you shout them what your husband sent me. Good luck, you’ll need it when I’m finished’. The lady said she felt that the messages were degrading and outrageous messages.

”She said that it brought back thoughts of the affair and she has worries the defendant has other sexually explicit videos from the time of the affair that she could use to threaten them, and is worried that the videos will end up on a pornographic website.

“She does not want people in the area seeing and talking about the video and approaching them about it. There is no evidence of the video being posted on social media. The video itself is a full frontal naked shot where he is identifiable. He said it was a highly embarrassing personal video sent without his permission.”

Thomas later admitted sending the video to the man’s wife because she ”didn’t like them.” She claimed she had ”no desire to cause any distress to those she sent it to – adding that she herself had been a victim of revenge porn and that had ”personally made her mentally unwell and that she understands the distress caused and how they feel.”

Defence lawyer Suzanne Ludlow said: ”Miss Thomas did not send that footage and the messages to him – although she admits sending them to his wife. There were no threats made about it going on Facebook in those messages. Melissa had no knowledge of that.

”The basis is only sending to the wife, no threats of social media were made by Thomas.”

The case was adjourned until December for further inquiries to be made about tracing the culprit behind the messages to Thomas’ former lover.

Credits: The Sun UK


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