A MILLIONAIRE businessman murdered a burlesque dancer after paying her up to £10,000 each month to be his personal escort, a court was told.

Peter Morgan, a 54-year-old property developer, allegedly strangled mum-of-one Georgina Symonds with twine he took from his workshop before driving her body away in his £52,000 Porsche.

Morgan, a married father of two from Llanellen, near Abergavenny, South Wales, had been in a three-year relationship with Georgina, 25, the court heard.


Prosecutor William Hughes QC told the court she worked as a burlesque dancer, but later as a high-end prostitute.

Mr Hughes said: “The murder of Georgina Symonds was pre-meditated and well planned by Peter Morgan.

“After killing Georgina he went to great lengths to move her and conceal her body and cover his own tracks for some time after the killing itself.

“Georgina had been in a relationship for about three years or there about at the time of her death.

“Peter Morgan was a very successful and wealthy businessman with a large property portfolio.


“He made his money through farming before moving into property development and by his own words was a millionaire many times over.”

Trained beautician Georgina was being paid between £7,000 and £10,000-a-month by Morgan to work as his personal escort, Newport Crown Court was told.


The jury of eight men and four women heard Georgina worked as an escort after first becoming a pole dancer.

Mr Hughes said: “She worked as a burlesque dancer and her mum remembers her attending pole dancing lessons.

“Georgina dos not disclose other work that she undertook.

“It’s in her career as an escort that she met Peter Morgan as a client.


“There was no exclusivity at this stage she saw other clients and he would use other escorts.

“But the relationship developed from being a professional one to something a bit more than that.

“He would lavish her with gifts and spend a lot of money on her.


“There came a point when he did not want her see other clients and began paying her between £7,000 and £10,000 a month and put her up to live in a property he owned.”

Morgan denied murder. The trial at Newport Crown Court is expected to last three weeks.


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