Pamela Anderson

She has one of the most famous beach bodies in the world and 19 years after Pamela Anderson hung up her red swimsuit her physique shows no signs of fading as she reaches her 50s.

The former Baywatch star, 49, showed off her age-defying figure as she stripped down to her underwear for a sizzling photo shoot with a Spanish lifestyle magazine.


The actress graces the cover of Solar magazine and fans of the blonde bombshell will not be disappointed as she oozes her usual sex appeal.


The mother-of-two posed in a series of gritty selfies with artist Christian Rosa.

Far from the high glamour shots that are the norm in editorial shoots many of the photos are captured by Rosa, who can be seen brandishing a cigarette in the snaps, using a selfie stick.

And where Pamela is clothed she leaves little to the imagination sporting her famous stilettos paired with little more than an oversize jumper.


In her interview that accompanies the photographs the actress discusses her idols – many of whom were the screen goddesses and bombshells of their day – and reveals that many of them have had direct impact on her life.

She says: ‘My personal idols are Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, Romy Schneider, Anita Ekberg, Ursula Andress.

‘They were are all great beauties and actresses – loved by artists. Muses of my favourite directors, mostly Fellini and Godard.

‘Raquel has always been concerned about me, she gave me the perfect piece of advice, which I actually never took.

But that will live between us. And Ursula gave me a big hug in Monaco, telling me she loved me.’


She adds: ‘Brigitte and I have spoken on the phone a few times – she has been an inspiration to me. She calls me “her daughter who loves animals as much as she does.”‘

Despite her latest edition to a vault of sexy snaps Pamela‘s work with Rosa in Solar falls strictly in the category of art.

She may have starred in the world’s first celebrity sex tape and appeared on numerous Playboy covers but now Pamela is reinventing herself as an anti-pornography crusader.

The model blames the widespread availability of pornography for marriage breakdown and a generation of socially dysfunctional young men who have been desensitised to love and sex.


Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday from her home in Los Angeles, she said:

‘Through my own experiences I have seen how damaging it can be when you have a living, breathing, wonderful woman in lingerie and a husband locked away with his computer.’

Yet after appearing as a cover star of Playboy 14 times, she defends her years of working with the magazine.

She said: ‘I don’t regret any of my Playboy days, they have given me some of my fondest memories.

‘Playboy was my university, I learned everything at the Playboy mansion and it included meeting people who were intellectuals, who were artists. It was a very free-spirited wonderful time of my life.’


Pamela Anderson recently made headlines after she got naked for her new film, The People Garden  Photos, Info from the movie HERE.

Credits: Daily Mail


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