Two prisoners are still on the run after an amazing escape from Pentonville prison in North London.

They were only discovered missing on Monday morning when jail staff found ‘mannequins sleeping’ in their prison beds.

A manhunt is now underway to find James Whitlock, aged 31, and 28-year-old Matthew Baker.

Police have warned the public not to approach the two convicts as they could become violent.

Baker was on remand awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of the attempted murder of a man at a flat in Dagenham. He was due to be sentenced on Friday.

Whitlock, who has the word ‘Tracy’ tattooed on his body, was also on remand after being charged with conspiracy to raid more than 19 ATMs.

What and where is Pentonville Prison?

HM Prison Pentonville (known as The Ville) is a Catergory B/C men’s jail operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

The prison is not actually within Pentonville itself, but is located further north, on the Caledonian Rd in Islington, north London.

It is a local prison, holding adult males remanded by local magistrates’ and crown court, and those serving short sentences or beginning longer sentences.

There have been reported problems with drugs and weapons being thrown into the prison and severe shortages of staff in recent years.

How did the two inmates escape such a highly-secure jail?

James Whitlock and Matthew Baker used mannequins to make it look like they were asleep in their cells.

Their escape was only discovered when officers carrying out checks found two pillows made to look like bodies in the prisoners’ beds on Monday morning.

The pair arranged the pillows in their beds to fool prison officers carrying out checks that they were both asleep.

Then they cut through the bars on their window using a diamond-tipped saw smuggled in from the outside – possibly using a drone.

Seconds later they wriggled through the tiny gap, dropped on to a flat roof and lowered themselves to the ground using “ropes” made out of bed sheets.

After sprinting to the perimeter they climbed over a 25ft wall

The men were not required for prison work, which is why they were not reported missing.

Have there been any other escapes from the jail?

There have been quite a few in recent years.

In 2006, a prisoner escaped during transit between Pentonville Prison and a hospital facility.

Three years later, convicted arsonist Julien Chautard escaped by clinging on to the underside of the prison van which had delivered him to the jail from Snaresbrook Crown Court.

He returned to the prison four days later after giving himself up to police.

In 2012, convicted murderer John Massey escaped from within the prison confines but was recaptured in Kent two days later following what police described as “an intelligence-led operation”.

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