A SEX-mad Romeo told a cop he was “c**k-blocking” him and continued romping with his girlfriend after the randy pair were caught getting down and dirty in a parked car.

Bailey Puttkemery, 21, and Emily Scott, 20, were arrested in La Crosse, Wisconsin, after police received a late night call about someone acting suspiciously.

When Officer Aaron Westpfahl arrived on the scene, he heard loud moaning coming from a car with “partially fogged” windows that was “rocking back and forth”, according to a police report on Smoking Gun.

The cop shone his torch into the gold Pontiac Grand Am to see the couple on the back seat in the buff, getting jiggy.

He said he told the pair to stop what they were doing and get dressed, to which one of them replied saying “okay”.

Westpfahl said: “At that point, I walked to the rear of the vehicle in order to give the two subjects some privacy while getting dressed.”

But after five minutes passed, the couple had still not emerged from the car.

The officer said he returned to the front to check what the hold-up was, once again shining his light inside.

Westpfahl wrote: “I observed they had not followed my instructions and had reinitiated the sexual intercourse.”

He recalled how he again told the pair to stop several more times, throwing the car door open as they continued to ignore him.

Eventually Puttkemery emerged from the car naked, the report states, but continued arguing with the officer while refusing to get dressed.

Westpfahl reported the 21-year-old “told me I was ‘c**k-blocking him’ and ‘giving him blue balls’”.

The report also claimed Puttkemery told the officer he “should understand” because he’s a man.

Puttkemery and Scott were both arrested for lewd and lascivious behaviour, but charges were dropped yesterday.


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