A grandmother who says she has the biggest breasts in Britain – after spending huge sums on cosmetic surgery – is now aiming for a 22-inch waist.

Sharon Perkins, 50, from Coventry, traded in her 34D breasts for 32MM implants at a cost of £10,000 and now wears a rib-crushing corset for twelve hours a day to ensure her waist stays a trim 24 inches.

The glamorous gran, who models herself on cartoon vixen Jessica Rabbit, now wants a tiny 22-inch waist to go with her gigantic assets in time for her September 2017 wedding.


Perkins said of her corset-wearing:

‘I can’t believe the difference I’ve seen in three months, I’ve lost three stone too, the results have been amazing.

‘It is hard to move around and get comfortable but it’s definitely been more than worth it, when I have my mind set on something I’m determined to make it happen.

The glamour model says that she feels sexier and confident and that partner Carl can’t get enough of her enhanced curves.

‘Carl can easily wrap his hands around me now to feel his ‘best friends,’ they definitely catch the public’s attention too.’


‘I can’t wait to marry Carl next year, but I won’t get married unless I’ve reached my goal – a 22 inch waist, so that my body looks the best possible for our big day.

While Sharon‘s ex-husband spent some of his divorce settlement on a new car Sharon couldn’t wait to get new boobs, something she had always dreamt of doing but never had the spare cash for.

After receiving £33,000, Sharon spent £4,500 on her first surgery which took her 34D chest to a 36H.

Within six months Sharon and Carl, who buys and sells antiques, agreed she should go even bigger and after forking out another £5,500, Sharon was left with gigantic 32MM boobs which contain 1,500cc or 2.6 pints of silicone each.


Sharon adds: ‘When I had my implants I loved how they transformed my body, but now it’s just not enough.

‘I’d like to double my chest size again and have a 22 inch waist.

‘Implants are a walk in the park compared to waist training, I have to be incredibly strict and determined to wear corsets for 12 hours every day.


‘I would’ve had the surgeries years ago but didn’t have the money and I don’t think my ex-husband would’ve been happy with the attention they got.

‘I get asked a lot if my boobs make my back hurt or if they’re heavy but I’ve not had any pain, I guess my body had adapted and got used to them.


Ms Perkins, a part-time glamour model, said:

‘I can’t get enough of my new boobs, they’ve completely transformed my life and they feel and look amazing.

‘I love walking down the street now, they get so much attention, I love seeing people’s reactions and strangers always stop me to ask questions.

‘I used to work as an office administrator, my life was completely boring and I was in a mundane marriage that had just become routine.

‘The response I’ve had from strangers had been great, people often ask me to feel them and I don’t mind at all and I always see people staring.

‘They feel really soft and natural, while being firm and perky at the same time.’


Sharon, a former office administrator, vows to never go back to her old life which she claims was mundane and boring.

Sharon said: ‘I used to live day to day in the same old routine and was one of the crowd.

‘As I was getting older my breasts were getting softer and droopier and I longed for perkier, firmer boobs.

‘Now I stand out and everything about my life is different and exciting, I have a new lease of life and my new look has done wonders for my sex life.

‘I can’t wait to get even bigger boobs, I just need to find the surgeon to do it.


‘I would recommend implants and waist training to anyone who’s unhappy, they’ve both been worth every penny and ounce of pain.’

‘As I was getting older my breasts were getting softer and droopier and I longed for perkier, firmer boobs.

‘I would’ve had the surgeries years ago but didn’t have the money and I don’t think my ex-husband would’ve been happy with the attention they got.

‘Meeting Carl and starting a new chapter was the best thing I ever did, other than having my new knockers of course which were worth every penny.


‘As soon as I’d had the surgery I felt amazing, I got such a buzz from them and people in the office joked I was the new Jordan.’

The rest of her money from the divorce settlement has been put into a farmhouse in Bulgaria that Ms Perkins and Mr Hamilton are in the process of renovating.

Her breast size is slightly larger than that of Army wife Debbie Delamar, 36, from Brecon, Pwoys, a previous claimant of the Britain‘s biggest fake breasts crown, who has endured three procedures to take her from a 30DD to a 30KK.

‘I couldn’t believe when the surgeon told me he would have to order the implants all the way from America,’ said Ms Perkins.

‘He explained the UK didn’t do implants the size I wanted, but I told him to do whatever it takes, I wanted to be as big as possible.


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