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PHOTOS: Special Needs Tutor Riana Lane Arrested For Having Sex w/ Her Teen Student

A SPECIAL needs teacher has been arrested for having sex with a student.

Riana Lane, 23, who taught at Benicia High School in California, is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student.

Lane was arrested earlier this month for possessing marijuana and stolen property found inside her car on school premises.

Cops started investigating Lane when staff at the school reported that the student kept disappearing during school hours.

During the investigation, officers learned Lane was allegedly giving her car keys to the student to allow him access.

They discovered edible marijuana and stolen goods in Lane’s car parked at the school.

When police quizzed the pupil, he told officers that he had sex with his special needs tutor Lane.

The student also admitted to stealing the items found in Lane’s car.

He was arrested for petty theft and was later released.

Lane in her first arrest was cited and released on suspicion of misdemeanour possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana on a school campus.

But she was arrested again after turning herself in ten days later.

The English teacher is on leave as education bosses take “immediate action to secure a highly qualified long-term substitute”, according to local news sources.

Benicia High School superintendent Charles Young said:

“Please be assured we will fully co-operate with the police on all aspects of this investigation.”

It has not been revealed where or when the alleged sex sessions took place.


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