A TRAINEE hairdresser broke into her own house and slashed her lover’s face with a kitchen knife during a 2am row over a Facebook picture.

Jodie Carr, 21, left boyfriend Kane Clark “saturated in his own blood” when he confronted her over a Facebook snap of her cosying up to another man.

Carr, who was previously convicted of arson after setting fire to another ex-boyfriend’s clothes, launched the vicious attack after dad-of-one Kane goaded her by saying: “what are you being a d**k for?”

The hairdressing student was handed a two-year suspended sentence after Kane begged the judge to “let her get on with her life.”

The incident occurred on August 26 after a drunken Jodie came home after a night out while Kane visited his son from previous relationship.

Jodie said: “During the course of the evening I received several messages from Kane concerning pictures of me on Facebook with another man. It was obvious to me that Kane was jealous.

“I returned to the house in the early hours, and Kane didn’t answer the door, I was making such a noise by shouting for him to let me in that both my neighbours woke up and wanted to know what was happening.

“I don’t believe that Kane wasn’t awake to not let me in. Eventually I had to break into my own home by breaking a window.

“I went upstairs and Kane was in bed with his arms folded. I was under the impression that he had been drinking. He began to question me about what was on Facebook.

“We began arguing and when I tried to open the door to tell him to leave, he pushed me onto the bed and ripped my blouse.

“I went downstairs into the kitchen and he followed and we continued to argue. He punched me in the stomach twice and continued to shout at me.

“I picked up the knife which was close to me, and he was putting his head close to mine, and the knife was in my hand.

“I don’t know exactly what happened next but I didn’t intend to cause injury. I only realised what had happened after I saw blood going down his face. He said to me ‘you’re going down for what you have done’ and he left the house.”

Minshull Street Crown Court heard how Kane since made a retraction statement saying that he wanted Carr to “get on with her life” – although he did not want them to get back together.

Prosecutor Nicola Wells said: “He [Kane] says the defendant swung the knife around at him and he only realised what had happened after he saw his face in the mirror.

“He left the premises and went to his mother’s house. He was saturated in his own blood when he arrived and his mother called the police and ambulance.”

Judge Paul Lawton added: “You are very fortunate that you are not in the dock hearing a murder trial opening. Had the knife slashed him six inches lower you would have severed his jugular and he would have bled to death.”


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