A TEENAGER took her own life after texting her boyfriend: “I never want to speak to you again. I’d rather die.”

Eden Finney, 18, was found hanged at her home after arguing with Thomas ‘Tucker’ Forster in June this year.

Her family said the dental nurse did not intend to kill herself but that it was instead a cry for help, however coroner Kally Cheema ruled she took her own life based on the evidence presented at the inquest.

Eden’s sister Beth Wannop said she had probably expected her parents or brother to wake up.

She added: “I don’t think she wanted to die.”


Their mother Denise Finney said in written evidence given to the court: “I would never have imagined it would have happened. When Eden went out that night she was happy. I believe it was a freak accident.”

Eden and boyfriend Tucker had been in a relationship for about two-and-a-half years.

While it was off-and-on at the start, it had become more serious.


But on Saturday June 25 the court heard Eden was out with friends at the Nag’s Head in Brampton, near Carlisle, Cumbria, when Tucker went to join them.

Tucker told the inquest he and Eden went outside and talked about an issue for the first time.

Later that evening Tucker drove them back to his house in Brampton where he said Eden became upset.

Tucker’s dad, William Forster, was then woken up by their arguing and sent Tucker to bed while telling Eden to go home.


At 12.15am Tucker sent Eden a text saying: “Have you calmed down?”

Eden replied a few minutes later: “I never want to speak to you again. I’d rather die.”

Eden’s mum said: “She has always been a beautiful, loving girl.

“She was an amazing daughter and never gave any reason to suggest she was unhappy.”

Ms Cheema told the family: “I am very sorry that you lost Eden in the circumstances that you did, which is why I want to repeat again how she was described as a beautiful, loving, caring girl.”

Credits: The Sun UK


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