AN illegal Mexican migrant has been accused of raping a little girl “thousands of times over a six month period”.

Victor Francisco Michel-Lara admitted to touching his seven-year-old victim inappropriately, but claimed some incidents were “accidental” because his hands were “slippery”.

The 32-year-old was initially arrested on Sunday, after he sexually assaulted the young girl “many times”, the St George Daily Spectrum reports.

He has since been charged with two first-degree counts of rape, and is also being held on an additional immigration detainer.

Utah’s Fifth District Court, in Cedar City, heard the attacker had repetitively molested the girl over a period of “six months”.

In a bid to shift the blame, Michel-Lara said he accidentally molested her while he was applying lotion to her skin.

Recounting two incidents, he said they were “rough housing” and “jumping around” after a shower.

On a different occasion, he said she moved “around a lot” which caused his fingers to get “slippery [and] accidentally slip into her vagina”.

It is unclear as to what Michel-Lara’s relationship is to the child.

He was previously deported back to Mexico due to unrelated charges.

But the victim’s mother fears he may return to Washington for a family visit.

In the report, CCPD investigator Matt Topham noted the suspect could face additional charges of aggravated re-entry into the United States, the newspaper adds.

Michel-Lara was booked into the Iron County Jail on Sunday.

A £150,000 ($200,000) cash-only bail was set because he was considered to be a flight risk.


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