Two randy revellers were filmed romping on a nightclub sofa in front of other clubbers.

The semi-naked woman and her man were caught on video surrounded by up to 25 shocked partygoers.

Footage shows the woman with her dress above her waist and underwear down as she rides on top of the man whose jeans are undone.


The couple ignored calls to stop because people were watching.

The sofa sex scene was filmed in the popular Revolution nightclub in Cardiff city centre in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A woman who filmed the video said: “It went on for at least five minutes and there must have been 25 people watching.


“One girl said ‘Shall I stop them?’ She tapped the girl on the shoulder and said there are all of these people watching, but she just carried on.

“So someone just pulled the girl off eventually.

“The bouncers did arrive but I think the pair just scarpered and left before they could catch them.

“I was quite drunk at the time but seeing that definitely sobered me up.”


A spokesman for Revolution declined to comment.

The clip of the incident has been shared more than 740 times and liked more than 1,300 times on Twitter.

Credits: The Sun UK


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