Rick Ross & Lira Mercer


Rick Ross called off his engagement to Lira Mercer less than two months after proposing, but we’re sure it was good while it lasted.

What everyone really wanted to know was: Did he get his $350,000 engagement ring back when they decided to call it quits?

Although Lira posted a photo of herself wearing the extravagant gift following news of their breakup, new reports say it was an old photo and she actually gave up the 11-carat rock before she and Rozay went their separate ways.


Rick Ross and Lira Galore have called off their engagement, less than 2 months after making the leap.

We’re told they had a major blowout, although it’s unclear what it was about — but it was serious enough that Lira moved her stuff out of Rozay‘s Georgia mansion.

Lira Galore

Ross spontaneously popped the question back in mid-September while they were jewelry shopping in New York.

They’d only been dating a few months at that point.

As for the giant 11 carat, $350k rock he gave Lira … so far there’s been no discussion on whether she’ll return it. She still had it on her ring finger in a photo she posted a day ago.

The good news for Ricklegally speaking, the ring is a gift in contemplation of marriage.

Translation: Lira gotta give it back.

Though she might want to reconcile … after talking to a lawyer.

Source: TMZ


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