A depressed teen shot his parents as they slept at their £2m mansion – then told mourners they would continue to ‘guide him’ through life.

Ashton Sachs, 19, fought back tears as he spoke at his parents’ funeral describing them as the perfect mum and dad.

“I really do believe that they will continue to guide me throughout life,” Ashton said to the devastated congregation.

But what everybody else didn’t know was that the teen was responsible for a horror crime which left cops baffled.

Weeks earlier, ‘an intruder’ had entered the family mansion and gunned down Brad and Andra Sachs with an automatic rifle.


Their youngest son was left paralysed and their two daughters, who escaped unharmed, were deeply traumatised.

Ashton’s touching funeral words had moved a community so when later police named him as the killer locals were stunned.

Andra, 54, and Brad, 57, lived in the affluent community of San Juan Capistrano, California.

Back in 1999, the couple had been through a bitter divorce after their 16-month-old daughter Sabrina accidentally drowned in the family pool.

But the couple reunite and the family were said to be happier than ever.

They had two daughters, Lana, 15, and Alexis, 17, and three boys, Landon, eight, Ashton, 19, and Myles, 21.


Lana and Landon had been adopted from Russia.

Ashton and Myles had left home for college and lived 1,200 miles away in Washington.

On the night of the killing, Ashton entered the Sachs’ family house through an unlocked door and went up to his parent’s bedroom.

He opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle and shot them multiple times at close range. Andra took 10 bullets. Brad, a dozen. He then went into Landon’s room and fired at the bed.

Landon was left bleeding and crying hysterically that he couldn’t feel his legs.

The intruder then fired at Alexis, but as she hid under the covers, the bullet missed her. Her sister Lana wasn’t shot at.

As part of his charade, Ashton kept a vigil by Landon’s bedside. A bullet had pierced his spinal cord and he was paralysed from the chest down.

Ashton even helped compile a list of potential enemies.

Then investigators discovered a car parked at premises owned by the Sachs family. In the boot was the rifle used in the shooting. The white car belonged to Ashton.

Ashton was then arrested and charged with premeditated murder.

When questioned, Ashton said his plan was to “shoot them and then kill myself”.


“I was like, not myself… I was something twisted,” he said.

Investigators discovered Ashton had bought the gun weeks before and he’d driven 18 hours non-stop to get to the family home, never wavering from his plan.

He suggested he was angry with his parents because they didn’t trust him and he thought that he was their least favourite child.

This year, Ashton made a shock guilty plea and was sentenced Ashton to four life sentences, plus another 100 years.

Myles, 23, is now guardian to his orphaned siblings, including wheelchair-bound Landon, who is courageously adjusting to his life-changing injuries.

Credits: The Sun UK


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