A STUNNING model was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty boiler, according to cops.

“Gorgeous” Natalia Makey, 44, was found dead in her flat in the Belarus capital city of Minsk.

Police say there’s no evidence she was suicidal and believe her boiler was faulty.

According to local media neighbours reported the smell of gas when she died on December 15.

They state that she had just returned from Krakow in Poland and her husband Mackay had raised the alarm when he couldn’t contact her.

It emerged that Ms Makey, who ran her own modelling school in the country, told her mother she was fine just hours before she died.

Alongside a glittering career as a model, she also organised fashion shows and beauty pageants.

Devastated friends have paid tribute to the model who first graced the catwalk while a student at the Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy in Minsk.

Iryna Kabasakal, a Belarusian ‘it girl’ and editor of the Pingouin magazine, said:

“She was so sophisticated, so savvy, such a kind and sweet person.

“She was always so warm when you met her.

“Always friendly and sweet, I never heard her say a single bad word about anyone. And, of course, she always looked gorgeous.”

Her online admirers have also been paying tribute to Ms Makey and expressing sympathy to her loved ones for their loss.

Netizen ‘Sergey Gorshokov’ said: “The thread of life is so thin. Such a silly accident and a person is gone.

“People, please be careful and take care of your families.”

Credits: The Sun UK


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