Competition, that’s what hip hop is built on right?

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole are friends, but ever since K. Dot said he would murder Cole lyrically on Big Sean‘s song Control, the world has been waiting to see if the Roc Nation rapper would respond.

Cole finally fires back on Justin Timberlake‘s TKO Remix that also features Pusha T and A$AP Rocky.

Cole to the rescue, never save a hoe/ Hoes like to hide their behavior though/ Thought you was a down a** b*tch/ ‘Til I found that sh*t a couple days ago/ I was home alone, next thing I know/ That long a$$ verse from a song called “Control” was on/ The room got nearer, the tomb got clearer/ That’s when I seen the sh*t playin’ on your phone/ Girl, what is that? A ringtone?/ Sh*t, not you too/ Man that hype done got you too/ Everybody and their momma gassed/ Even my momma asked what I’mma do/ Decisions, decisions/ In case this is war, then I load up on all ammunition/ If a n*gga want problems, my trigger’s on auto/ I’ll make sure that nobody miss him. ”


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