A St. John’s University student who wrote online about her experience studying abroad in Europe had her dreams of becoming an accountant dashed Monday when she was shot and killed during J’Ouvert in Brooklyn.

Tiarah Poyau, 22, was shot at close range above her right eye while at the overnight celebration with three friends at 4:15 a.m. at Franklin Ave. and Empire Blvd., police sources said.

She was allegedly attacked by the man because she told him to stop grinding i.e dancing against her.

The 20-year-old thug who shot her was nabbed Tuesday morning, September 6th, while drunkenly driving on a three wheels 2002 Ford Explorer and with a Caribbean flag wrapped around his bloody hand, according to police. He is being charged with murder and depraved indifference.


Before his arrest, suspect identified as Reginald Moise,20, told friends:

“I think I shot somebody on the parade route. I didn’t know the gun was loaded,” sources said.

He had called his cousin looking to stash the murder weapon at her house.

A cop who was at the scene with his partners took to Instagram to narrate Tiarah‘s last moments on earth.


“Her name was Tiarah Poyau and on Sunday night while My partners and I didn’t know her.

We spent her last moments on earth with her while she lay dying.

Maybe it’s because I’m a dad, maybe it’s because I’m a human, maybe it’s because I care, I don’t know.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her. I cried on the way home from work for the first time in a long time.

So sad. To her family I’m sorry for your loss if you ever see this. Know that we tried our best.

God bless her and her family.” Lohman wrote.


“She’s a very pleasant girl. She always had a smile on her face,” said Anna Jackson, a retired nutritionist and neighbor of the family.

“She was a good girl from a good family.”

In a statement, St. John’s University President Conrado Gempesaw, said:

Tiarah was pursuing a dual degree B.S./M.S. program in the Peter J. Tobin College of Business where she recently completed her undergraduate degree in accounting in May 2016, and had just begun graduate work toward her Masters degree in taxation.

She had a bright future ahead of her and was taken much too soon.

The entire University community sends our thoughts and prayers to the Poyau family during this difficult time.”

Credits: New York Post, NY Daily News


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