Arsenal‘s Finest Theo James Walcott (born 16 March 1989) who also plays for the England national team recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend Melanie Slade.

The two reportedly became an item after meeting in 2004 at the WestQuay Shopping Centre in Southampton; they have been together for over seven years.

The couple are expected to wait until next year to wed, leaving ­winger Theo free to concentrate on his game with Arsenal in the hope he will play for England in the Euro 2012.

Our source confirmed: They will probably do it next summer when they have more time off to organise it – they won’t be searching for a ­magazine deal, though!.

Last year down-to-earth Mel said she’d love to marry Theo when she finished her studies.

She has now started her job as a Sports Physiotherapist.

You Can View Some of Melanie’s Pictures Below …


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