Suge Knight doesn’t like Puff Daddy and he doesn’t try to hide his disdain for the business mogul.

TMZ caught up with Knight outside of 1Oak in West Hollywood on Thursday, May 1, and let him vent.

“I’m the motherf*cker that when people ask me if I know who killed 2Pac… Not saying 2Pac dead or alive.

But I’m saying if they asked me who killed 2Pac, I’m the n*gga that said, ‘Hey, absolutely not.’ I don’t get down like that,Suge said.

Suge Then Expressed His Opinion on Diddy and 2Pac’s Death:

“You’ll have 90 motherf*ckers walk down the street and say Suge killed 2Pac.

But everybody know off the top, I ain’t the n*gga killed Tupac. I’m the n*gga protected Tupac!” Suge added.

But that the same time, b*tch a$$ Puffy can get him a motherf*cking star, and every rat in the world say he’s the one who killed 2Pac, or had him shot.

But if you notice it was a rat on television saying he the one that did the shooting. If you think about it, why you think nobody’s been arrested if they said they killed 2Pac?

Because 2Pac not dead. If he was dead they’d be arresting those dudes for murder. He’s on an island smoking a Cuban cigar.”


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