Why Would A Father Rape His Daughter?

15 years earlier,Adam Morgan got involved in an accident while trying to stop his wife,Danielle from walking away from him and their 3-year old daughter, KC Morgan.

He managed to survive the accident with a damaged spinal cord which left him confined to a wheel chair.Adams has done pretty well for himself, his mansion, yatch and water front view can speak of it, but the gloomy face of fate is not in a hurry to leave his household.

With KC’s mother gone, Adams has succeeded in combining his role of a mother and a father and despite his disability, has always being “able” for KC…But all that changed on the night of KC’s eighteenth birthday.

She is raped in her room that night by a man she’s unable to identify ;an ordeal that will haunt her for life.

Her instincts ,coupled with some events that followed the incident, lead her into believing that the man who defiled her in such bestial way is the one person that meant the whole world to her…

Devastatingly traumatized, she slips into depression. The touch of a man brings memories of that sad night tumbling back in strong torrents, which in turn sparks off embarrassing reactions from her…

She struggles with depression. Then tragedy strikes again as Adam is duped by his friend and business partner,Sule ….

Fate smiles on KC when a chance meeting with Kunle Lewis lands her a job in a successful fashion house, working for Meg Fernandez.

But things get twisted when Rex, KC’s secondary school crush who traveled to the US for further studies just after her 18th birthday party, returns.

Then, just when KC decides to let down her guards and get her groove back , she was slammed with some home truth she was not prepared for…From then on, secrets unveil and KC is caught up in a love triangle between herself, Rex and Kunle.

The swirl of incidents leave her withdrawn and her behavior is strange to everyone as no one is aware of what has happened.

KC is lost in her own world of pain, betrayal and mixed emotions.

Why would a daughter ever think that her father could rape her?…if not ,who did?Will they find her? Who will find her first? Who can she trust? Will KC ever be happy?

This is the story of KC; KC Morgan”

Producer: Lisa Henry

Director: Chico Ejiro (Mr Prolific)

Starring: Lisa Henry, Joseph Benjamin, Monalisa Chinda, Bobby Obodo


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