Zimbabwean member of parliament, Trevor JI Saruwaka was denied entry into his work place because his outfit supposedly flouted house rules.

The lawmaker turned up to work dressed in a multicolour suit after the colours of the national flag.


In recent times, anti-government members in politics, media and the mass populace have adopted the #ThisFlag campaign as a form of protest against President Mugabe‘s party, Zanu-PF which has ruled the country for decades.

The government hit back by reviving legislation that makes it a crime to “abuse” the national flag.

As lawyers have pointed out, it’s been left up to the government to define what constitutes abuse.

Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo said in a tweet that:

Saruwaka being denied entry was for being inappropriately dressed.

Even bush lawyers & fools know that Parliament has a dress code. It’s in the standing orders!



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