MICHELLE Keegan showed off her incredible figure as she posed in her pants in behind-the-scenes snaps from her recent boxing shoot.

The actress looked better than ever as she stripped for the new Women’s Health magazine spread.

The Our Girl star, 30, worked up a sweat in a boxing ring for the sporty shoot but still looked sensational even in her workout gear.

She is seen posing in a sports bra and a pair of pants in a behind-the-scenes video after admitting she has put on a stone while she was away filming the army drama.

But Michelle revealed she feels better being bigger as she was “a bit bony”before.

In her interview with the magazine, she said: “I’ve put on a stone and feel it everywhere.

“I’ve been away [filming Our Girl] for so long and I haven’t had time to work out, and I literally landed two days ago and now I’m kicking myself and thinking, ‘Why didn’t I just eat healthily while I was away?’

“But you know what, I think I needed to put on a bit of weight. I was a bit bony.

“You can hide behind your character when you’re acting – you’re not being yourself.

“I’m a normal girl at the end of the day and when I’m standing there in a bikini or teeny-tiny clothes I’m like, “Oh God!”’

Michelle‘s husband Mark Wright was seen pining for her while on a Hollywood night out at the weekend and she admitted it is difficult being in such a long distance relationship.

She added: “It’s hard being away from him [while I’m filming]. Really hard.

“But we FaceTime and speak, like, all day every day! That’s what keeps me sane.

“But you know what, I know I’m really lucky. I have to pinch myself all the time.

“I mean, my face is going to be on the cover of Women’s Health.

“We’ve not planned anything and realistically nothing can happen right now because I’m too busy.

“But I’ve always been broody. I love kids and I want four, so hopefully in the near future.”


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